Financial Assistance

If you can show your business intends to sell outside Northern Ireland, is actively pursuing growth plans and will contribute to increasing productivity and innovation in Northern Ireland, you could qualify for financial assistance.

You need to demonstrate that now, or over the next three years, your business will have:

  • Total sales of over £100,000 per year; and
  • Sales outside Northern Ireland greater than 25 per cent of turnover, or greater than £250,000 a year.

If your business is in the tradeable services sector, that is you sell your services internationally, you must also:

  • Have the potential to sustain salaries above the Northern Ireland private sector median; or
  • Show you can achieve a minimum gross margin of 20 per cent.

Our financial assistance can be used to help:

  • Your business overcome short-term barriers to growth as a result of difficult economic conditions;
  • Your business with short to medium term projects that have a strategic focus on exploiting new markets or new products;
  • Your business with medium to long-term projects aimed at increasing turnover and employment;
  • New or relatively new businesses in Northern Ireland with marketing, consultancy, employment and capital costs; and
  • Social enterprises with salary costs, marketing, equipment and overheads.

You can also visit for information on sources of funding from local and national organisations.

To find out more about how Invest NI can help your business, complete our short enquiry form or call us on 0800 181 4422.

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