Design Advice

We can help your business to use design more effectively so you can reduce production and operating costs, increase sales, refine strategy and enhance your business’s profile.

Design Advice: Our Design Advice service offers you the opportunity to get advice from our design experts. These sessions, lasting up to one half day, are typically held at your business premises or at an alternative venue that is convenient for you.

Areas of advice include design management, material selection or testing, branding and graphic design, packaging and brand design, textile and fashion design, interior and furniture design, and engineering and product design.

If your business can show that it intends to sell outside Northern Ireland, is actively pursuing growth plans and will contribute to increasing productivity and innovation in Northern Ireland, you could also apply for consultancy assistance from experienced mentors and design professionals on small and larger scale design projects through our Design Programme.

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Design Advice Clinic: The Design Clinic provides A free one-hour design advice appointment with Invest NI’s design experts to discuss your company’s design queries.
Advice ranges from specific project-related issues to high-level strategic assistance and can encompass many areas including: design management; branding and graphic design; textile and fashion design; and engineering and product design.

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