Working Collaboratively

Linking your business with other businesses, colleges, universities or other organisations is one of the main ways through which you can take advantage of new opportunities that might otherwise be beyond your reach.  We have a number of ways to help you do just that.

  • EU Collaboration Framework: The FP7 Programme is the main source of European funding for research and technological development.  Approved projects involve collaboration across at least three European Union Member States and we can help your business to identify the most appropriate schemes, find the right partners and offer comprehensive guidance on the application process.
  • Enterprise Europe Network: Aimed at helping local businesses improve competitiveness and foster innovation through partnership, the Enterprise Europe Network is your local gateway for doing business abroad, accessing European funding for research and development projects, and improving your presence in new markets.
  • Competence Centres: If you want to leverage the opportunities presented by collaborating with local universities by undertaking high-risk, long-term, strategic research that will focus on the future needs of local economy, then Competence Centres may be an option for your business.  Our programme brings together the experience, expertise and resources of industry and academia to achieve common research goals.
  • Collaborative Networks: We can help to link your business with other private sector businesses, investors, researchers and academia so that you can explore ways to exploit market or research opportunities that will result in the development of new products, processes and services.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Programme Call: Have you an exciting and innovative project that could benefit from university based research and knowledge and a graduate to help you deliver it? Invest Northern Ireland is currently inviting registrations of interest from Northern Ireland businesses for the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Programme.

To find out more about how Invest NI can help your business, complete our short enquiry form or call us on 0800 181 4422.

Success Stories

  • JF McKenna: Boosting Business through R+D
  • Farmvet Systems: Boosting Business through R&D
  • Whale: Boosting Business through R&D
  • FM Environmental: Boosting Business through Exports
  • SRS Finlay: Boosting Business through Exports
  • H&J Martin: Boosting Business through Exports
  • Creative Composites: Boosting Business through Jobs
  • Fireglass Direct: Boosting Business through Jobs
  • Landscape Centre: Boosting Business through Jobs
  • Yardmaster International: Boosting Business through Skills
  • Opt2Vote: Boosting Business through Skills
  • Nuprint Technologies: Boosting Business through Skills
  • Maxwell Concrete: Boosting Business through Technology
  • Suki Tea: Boosting Business through Technology
  • Waste Systems: Boosting Business through Technology