Energy and Waste

To be successful, you must be able to run an efficient business, get the most out of your resources and eliminate waste.  We offer expert advice and financial assistance in this area.  Choose from:

  • Energy Efficiency Loan Fund: This fund offers an interest-free loan to your business through the Carbon Trust from £3,000 up to £400,000 - depending on the energy savings from individual projects - to buy and install more energy efficient equipment.
  • Energy and Waste Audits: If your business has an annual energy spend of greater than £30,000 per annum we can offer you an audit that will help identify and prioritise key resource efficiency cost saving opportunities - and/or additional sales - related to the use of water and raw materials, and devise an action plan to implement the most cost effective opportunities.  Our specialist Technical Advisors are also on hand to provide advice or one-to-one support to businesses.
  • Project Management and Implementation Support: We can offer up to five free days of consultancy support to help your business manage and implement resource efficiency projects, for example:
    • developing robust business cases for individual projects;
    • providing project management skills on particular projects;
    • managing the purchase and installation of new equipment;
    • defining equipment and/or process specifications; and
    • identifying suppliers of goods and services.
  • Industrial Symbiosis: We provide tailored advice on how one business’s waste can be used by other businesses, therefore becoming a development opportunity rather than a problem.  This advice is available through workshops or on a one-to-one basis.

To find out more about how Invest NI can help your business, complete our short enquiry form or call us on 0800 181 4422.

Success Stories

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  • Creative Composites: Boosting Business through Jobs
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  • Landscape Centre: Boosting Business through Jobs
  • JF McKenna: Boosting Business through R+D
  • Farmvet Systems: Boosting Business through R&D
  • Whale: Boosting Business through R&D
  • Yardmaster International: Boosting Business through Skills
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